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Open sealed vinyl to avoid buyer scams? marltonn marltonn Mercado 28 5816nick 5816nick about 7 hours ago
Removing a country from an existing shipping policy DJONEOFAKIND DJONEOFAKIND Mercado 4 DJONEOFAKIND DJONEOFAKIND about 8 hours ago
Help needed - not sure how to input this issue in my collection PhotoLinguist PhotoLinguist Banco de Dados 3 Warepire Warepire about 8 hours ago
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Partner Fee almost double the Discogs order fee chas_kit chas_kit Mercado 20 cariocafunk cariocafunk about 10 hours ago
Germany release or EU-release? Martin35 Martin35 Banco de Dados 5 teninchfan teninchfan about 10 hours ago
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How often to clean or brush? Also best cleaner? Mathlete926 Mathlete926 General 0 Mathlete926 Mathlete926 about 11 hours ago
Please ping other users here regarding an issue within the database. (página: 2 ... 71, 72) Staff The_Beatles. The_Beatles. General 7,108 FredKiller FredKiller about 11 hours ago
➜ List of /CA manufacturers, based on CD matrix-string Klass.Animal Klass.Animal Banco de Dados 73 star_man_20 star_man_20 about 11 hours ago
Sly and Robbie Album info please SAWent SAWent General 4 electrophonic electrophonic about 11 hours ago
Post the funniest thing you read today on Discogs (página: 2 ... 118, 119) Staff punxtr punxtr General 11,806 leinad leinad about 12 hours ago
Requests for votes on your submissions - post them here only please (página: 2 ... 162, 163) Staff nik nik Banco de Dados 16,200 AndrewM_NYC AndrewM_NYC about 12 hours ago
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Merging / Cleansing (Latin America) Artists (página: 2 ... 95, 96) Staff borderes borderes Banco de Dados 9,567 lbamaral lbamaral about 13 hours ago
Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine - Degritter (página: 2) degritter_taniel degritter_taniel General 110 Jehowlind Jehowlind about 13 hours ago
URGENT - BRISBANE / GOLD COAST propsbuyer propsbuyer General 1 OnTheAnd OnTheAnd about 13 hours ago