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Report iOS App Bugs Here (página: 2, 3, 4) Staff Weetzie Weetzie 322 Weetzie Weetzie 24 days ago
Feature Requests for the iOS App (página: 2) Staff Weetzie Weetzie 159 andreas.klimmt andreas.klimmt 25 days ago
iOS Beta Testing (página: 2) Staff Weetzie Weetzie 106 thm912 thm912 6 months ago
Listing Currency ENFJ ENFJ 0 ENFJ ENFJ about 19 hours ago
Change listing currency Lululoves558 Lululoves558 2 snorke snorke 2 days ago
Change Seller Currency cohuna15 cohuna15 2 abarrote abarrote 3 days ago
Unable to pay for the records (urgent help needed please!) Max_Avenger Max_Avenger 2 Max_Avenger Max_Avenger 17 days ago
Receiving error on Discogs App: Error The Operation couldn't be completed apmtron apmtron 12 dustinjobst dustinjobst 24 days ago
Whoop’s error HEELAN HEELAN 0 HEELAN HEELAN 25 days ago
iOS app network connection error AlienTechDeath AlienTechDeath 2 AlienTechDeath AlienTechDeath 25 days ago
My discogs ... a error has occured Staff Demons-Gate Demons-Gate 4 AlienTechDeath AlienTechDeath 25 days ago
Android app asks to log in nearly every time I use it Remment Remment 1 d.raecke d.raecke 25 days ago
Discogs not loading on iPhone. ontya ontya 0 ontya ontya 26 days ago
FeatureNetworking.error Ernesto2010 Ernesto2010 0 Ernesto2010 Ernesto2010 26 days ago
App won't access my collection or My Discogs 250HzOrless 250HzOrless 26 poster72 poster72 26 days ago
Error Message ( Inbox ) leecolefour leecolefour 0 leecolefour leecolefour 26 days ago
New app stinks. Staff sheidge sheidge 24 fabioantunes fabioantunes about 1 month ago
Feature request Colmburkey Colmburkey 0 Colmburkey Colmburkey about 1 month ago
Unable to login to App (iOS) Staff christianus christianus 14 broxibazza9 broxibazza9 about 1 month ago
Barcode Scanner Not Working iOS 15.0.2 iPhone 13 Pro kenchikuka kenchikuka 1 sky4055 sky4055 2 months ago
Selling and buying mail remains marked as unread Staff tjordache tjordache 2 tjordache tjordache 3 months ago
Won’t load on I phone . Staff insanepainter insanepainter 1 Weetzie Weetzie 4 months ago
V2.9.2 Crashes on IOS 14.6 Staff Twigster10 Twigster10 7 Weetzie Weetzie 4 months ago
App not opening Staff ladyglasss ladyglasss 4 Weetzie Weetzie 4 months ago
Discogs App does not load onto iPhone Staff bradcoward bradcoward 1 Weetzie Weetzie 4 months ago