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New paypal - remove more with automatic fonction dj20100 dj20100 4 ZyzzyBK ZyzzyBK 5 days ago
AUTO FEEDBACK feature? mixupmusic mixupmusic 7 massenmedium massenmedium 8 days ago
Question about the "make an offer" feature ddsdiscsva ddsdiscsva 2 inexpressible inexpressible 14 days ago
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Option to remove from collection once sold. Gecks Gecks 5 Metalman2 Metalman2 about 1 month ago
paypal payments issue as seller adaug adaug 0 adaug adaug about 1 month ago
a buyer asks me for my paypal address oldurand12 oldurand12 4 adaug adaug about 1 month ago
Anyone out there with an encyclopedic knowledge of 91/92 Hardcore Dance tunes? christopherjburgess christopherjburgess 2 christopherjburgess christopherjburgess 2 months ago
Wanted: Trini Mendoza record elana.leonard elana.leonard 0 elana.leonard elana.leonard 2 months ago
Spam? New PayPal arrangements Dennis-brisbane-qld Dennis-brisbane-qld 4 8892sales 8892sales 2 months ago
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[Feature Request] Items from "Artists I own" siegeral siegeral 0 siegeral siegeral 2 months ago
'Own written comments deletion/editing options at Edit Release section' Chimiel Chimiel 1 espressoist espressoist 2 months ago
The BIG BIG list of feature requests... (página: 2) Staff dansauk dansauk 122 jon9091 jon9091 2 months ago
Share Swagger/OpenAPI spec if available agoodno agoodno 1 8892sales 8892sales 2 months ago
Minimum order charge hovis50 hovis50 2 lunarr lunarr 3 months ago
Offers and watching simcosuperfly simcosuperfly 4 OnTheAnd OnTheAnd 3 months ago
Discogs should collect tax/VAT at time of sale and not invoice me for it... rDin rDin 6 Sym_Muz Sym_Muz 3 months ago
Foto of labels - increasing user requests - report them? sjcee sjcee 5 jhakecurrington jhakecurrington 3 months ago
Filtering Seller by "Has X items i want" functionality exoticaradio exoticaradio 1 OnTheAnd OnTheAnd 3 months ago
Feature Request "Minimum number of Feedbacks" VINYLDREAMSinEU VINYLDREAMSinEU 1 VINYLDREAMSinEU VINYLDREAMSinEU 3 months ago