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There was a problem processing your order We're sorry, but an error has occured. vertexape vertexape 4 vertexape vertexape about 18 hours ago
Paypal window doesn’t load DreamloverIE DreamloverIE 7 sb.blokker2 sb.blokker2 about 18 hours ago
problems processing orders - checkout jony jony 17 sb.blokker2 sb.blokker2 about 18 hours ago
Please help me. fuller.family fuller.family 4 DarreLP DarreLP about 19 hours ago
Mistydogsfriend Mistydog Mistydog 3 Mistydog Mistydog 1 day ago
Any other platform to accept payments then paypal BarkadaRecords BarkadaRecords 1 disc-empyre disc-empyre 2 days ago
Any additional value with the release party laminate? Mikadesign Mikadesign 0 Mikadesign Mikadesign 3 days ago
Messages only appear in purchase page not in Inbox / Email Ralf_E Ralf_E 0 Ralf_E Ralf_E 5 days ago
Can't seem to configure my Seller Settings correctly LibertyCapz LibertyCapz 0 LibertyCapz LibertyCapz 6 days ago
Why does it seem Hard to Sell Mints BarkadaRecords BarkadaRecords 8 ObSaint ObSaint 7 days ago
Please help! Discogs will mark me as an non paying buyer but I paid it! SG4ever SG4ever 0 SG4ever SG4ever 7 days ago
Double paid purchase tax Steelpreacher Steelpreacher 11 unlea unlea 7 days ago
how to change currency in marketplace hansmayer hansmayer 1 ObSaint ObSaint 9 days ago
Connecting to PyPal tosc.ts tosc.ts 4 ObSaint ObSaint 10 days ago
Order not sent by seller - how to get the money back? M_He M_He 1 DarreLP DarreLP 11 days ago
Seller sold me a damage record as NM cupol cupol 8 cupol cupol 12 days ago
My currency has been changed without conversion. angst_in_antwerp angst_in_antwerp 1 ObSaint ObSaint 12 days ago
Unfair feedbacks AndreyGrin56 AndreyGrin56 4 AndreyGrin56 AndreyGrin56 14 days ago
Complain about record price change audiopleasures audiopleasures 3 massenmedium massenmedium 16 days ago
abuse/Beleidigung psyllos psyllos 4 psyllos psyllos 18 days ago
Seller cannot change order status nunzioondiscogs nunzioondiscogs 0 nunzioondiscogs nunzioondiscogs 18 days ago
Temporarily close my account. angst_in_antwerp angst_in_antwerp 2 moonhazle moonhazle 19 days ago
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shopping cart deleted DinoBrazil DinoBrazil 6 DinoBrazil DinoBrazil 20 days ago