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Discogs' New PayPal Payments Solution AMA Staff falsepriest falsepriest 20 halsteady halsteady 3 months ago
Please do NOT post WANTS, FOR SALE, PROMOTIONS or TRACK ID adverts in this forum Staff dansauk dansauk 56 8892sales 8892sales about 1 year ago
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Seller refuses to provide tracking number Ziskar Ziskar 4 5816nick 5816nick about 7 hours ago
Open sealed vinyl to avoid buyer scams? marltonn marltonn 28 5816nick 5816nick about 7 hours ago
Removing a country from an existing shipping policy DJONEOFAKIND DJONEOFAKIND 4 DJONEOFAKIND DJONEOFAKIND about 8 hours ago
PayPal new payment system p.griffin3 p.griffin3 6 jilemnicky_02 jilemnicky_02 about 8 hours ago
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Partner Fee almost double the Discogs order fee chas_kit chas_kit 20 cariocafunk cariocafunk about 10 hours ago
Counterfeit Lost in Translation LP? netdiscs netdiscs 6 netdiscs netdiscs about 16 hours ago
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Has anybody signed up for Onboard? j_bentley12885 j_bentley12885 56 stevies45s stevies45s about 18 hours ago
CN22 Request steelcityrecords21 steelcityrecords21 2 stevies45s stevies45s about 18 hours ago
The sales history work bad DAVIDBRUNNER DAVIDBRUNNER 19 pinkindustries pinkindustries about 18 hours ago
Buyers unable to pay for orders JBleech JBleech 19 graemewalker1966 graemewalker1966 about 20 hours ago
Adding to my collection Hillergren Hillergren 2 pinkindustries pinkindustries about 21 hours ago
Import tax question tobymessy tobymessy 25 tobymessy tobymessy about 21 hours ago
Customer accepted refund, now 2 months later he says he never got it... 92filmgeek 92filmgeek 8 92filmgeek 92filmgeek 1 day ago
Do buyers understand what "holidays" are? TimeTravelSounds TimeTravelSounds 26 hatfulofelt hatfulofelt 1 day ago
ADMINS::::Messaging in Discogs UI SUGGESTIONS - please improve! WAXXMONGER WAXXMONGER 8 PanchaMaestro PanchaMaestro 1 day ago
Straight crease along top edge of outer sleeve Neast85 Neast85 3 DarreLP DarreLP 1 day ago
Newbie from Macedon Ranges Vic AUS Dazza3431 Dazza3431 6 Dazza3431 Dazza3431 1 day ago
I've had my shop on ice for 2 1/2 years - seems like a lot has changed GoldDustSales GoldDustSales 17 Spinstress Spinstress 1 day ago
In the PAYPAL login window, my only option is to create a new acount. frenchpicker frenchpicker 6 Blackpapercrown Blackpapercrown 1 day ago
New Paypal Payments thing has changed my listings from £ to $ v66ald v66ald 86 Roensk666 Roensk666 1 day ago